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Loretta/Vale Roush

by Mark Huninghake on 07/15/14

We all have seen it? someone with a router opens up a sign shop.. tell them your name and in 15 minutes or less you are handed a pine slab with your name routed out and colored in with black ink.. What a surprise that in less than year. .the wood has yellowed.. the name has faded? UNTL: we stopped by a shop in Gatlinburg, TN.. and saw the artistry of a mater wood crafter? ??Some Guys Woodworks?? Upon selecting a sign (The woodland Deer sign) that would best represent us and our home? we turned in our order and waited.. We were first sent a picture of our ?sign?. to be signed off on that all was as we had ordered.. About 4 weeks total? and our sign arrived.. we could not be happier? it?s made of red cider.. so aromatic and packed with care? It?s perfect? we know that this sign will hang on our home for years to come? Vale and Loretta Roush Nacogdoches, Texas

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