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by Mark Huninghake on 11/13/13

Dear Mark and Oksana,

        WOW, I just received some fine art in the mail yesterday.  The sign is gorgeous.

        I have to tell you, we were on a ten day motorcycle trip with a few friends when I saw the signs in Gatlinburg.  Our trip would end in Orbisonia Pennsylvania because we're fans of a tourist railroad there (East Broad Top Railroad) that has an event each Columbus Day weekend.

        There was a sign vendor at the event.  He was doing some basic router carving on thin wood.  Things like address signs, names, etc.  His signs started at $80.  They were basic and no coating or paint was included.  Maybe if I hadn't of just come from seeing your work in Gatlinburg, it would have sounded reasonable, but already having your proof on my phone, the other guy was dealing up garbage, let alone some very expensive garbage.  

        I know it was rude but I couldn't help showing him your proof photo and explaining why he was way overpriced - (and loud enough that others would hear).  :-)


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