Camping Signs

Since all of our Camping Signs are typically displayed outdoors, we make sure to treat them with no less than 3 coats of Marine Grade, "Spar Urethane". "Some Guys" make signs that are built to last! We take pride in making our camping signs. Since most of these signs are displayed at a variety of different camping sites and campgrounds all across the country. That way, when your camping neighbor asks you where they can have a camping sign like your made, you will gladly tell them at Some Guys' Sign Works!

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Sign Style - CAM4
Class "C" Motor Home
​Camping Sign
10.25" X 22"
​Price = $69.99
Sign Style - CAM1
Pull Behind
Camping Sign
10.18" X 20.18"
Price = $69.99
Sign Style - CAM2
Class "A" Motor Home
Camping Sign
​10" X 20"
Price = 69.99

Sign Style - CAM3
Fifth Wheel
Camping Sign
9.25" X 21"
Price = $69.99
Sign Style - CAM6​
Camping Signs
Bigfoot Style
9.5" X 24"
Price = $99.99
Sign Style - CAM5
Driftwood Style
Deer image Camping Sign
12" X 26.25"
Price = $131.99
Sign Style - CAM7
Camping Signs
Rustic Log Style
Size = 10" X 22"
Price = $69.99

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