Cedar Wind Spinners

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Large 36"  $74.99
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Medium 24"  $54.99
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Cedar Wind Spinners, also known as Cedar Wind Spirals or Whirligigs, are a beautiful decorative piece for any yard, porch,  or patio. Some Guys' Sign Works have been making "Cedar Wind Spinners" in the Smoky Mountains for almost 20 years from Eastern Aromatic Cedar harvested right here in East Tennessee.
We offer 3 sizes, 18", 24", & 36".

When you receive your Cedar Wind Spinner, it will be flattened for the purpose of shipping. There will be instructions included to help you with opening your spinner. Once assembled, you simply hang it outdoors and all that's required is a bit of wind to keep them spinning! They make a wonderful, decorative piece for any yard, patio, or porch.

Because they arrive flat, we do not treat them with a protectant. This is optional after you receive it. If you decide to treat your Spiral, we recommend that you use an exterior grade, "Spar Urethane". This will give you the longest life form your spiral.

After you place your order, please allow roughly 1 week for us to ship your spinner as we do not back stock this item.
Each Cedar Wind Spinner is made to order.

"Some Guys" used to wholesale these to most of the stores in our area but now, these spirals can only be purchased on our website and one other location...
We are proud to announce that they can now be purchased at "Zukes Woodworkz" located at 331  Glades   Rd. in Gatlinburg Tennessee. Chris and Amy, the owners, are wonderful people and if you stop in they will take great care of you!

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