High-Density Urethane Signs
  High-Density Urethane or "HDU" signs are a fantastic alternative to wood in that they last for many years outdoors with little to no maintenance. Sometimes called "Sign Foam", this is the preferred medium requested by Business, Cabin owners as well as homeowners. HDU comes in a variety of thicknesses and can be used for many applications. Oksana and I really started to promote this material to our clients in recent years due to its longevity. All of our HDU signs are painted using "Sherwin Williams" paints and giving them not only a beautiful appearance but a very long life! Since most of our business is custom requests, please contact us directly and we will be glad to help you create your next project! 

Check out our image gallery below for some examples of HDU signs that we have made!

Phone; (865) 712-2660

Our prices for HDU signs.

3D signs or signs with a 3-dimensional element are not included in this pricing guide.

1" Thick HDU Painted = $45.00 per square foot.
1.5" Thick HDU Painted = $75.00 per square foot.
2" Thick HDU Painted = $95.00 Per square foot.

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